It’s not often I take to my blog for a rant ,which is remarkably restrained for me let me tell you!  However, I’ve had one too many experiences of this recently and it has ignited a rage.

Being someone who likes to eat out and socialise with friends, I visit pubs and restaurants regularly. It’s fantastic when I see that GF beer is available and I’m always the first to commend this using social media and face to face with the establishment.

On the flip side, when GF beer isn’t an option, one of my biggest pet peeves is being offered cider instead. I realise that usually the person is trying to be helpful but I just don’t get the logic.

Do they think I don’t realise I can drink cider?

Does it ever cross their mind that if I had wanted cider I would have ordered it?

To be honest, I can let this slide in places where it’s clear requests for GF beer are few and far between but when I’m in a ‘craft beer’ pub which claims to have over 50 types of beer, I can’t cope with this type of response and just see red.

Similarly, I often tweet places in advance of visiting them to see if they serve GF beer and if not, if they would consider stocking it.  I get many varied responses to this and I can understand why they might not, maybe there isn’t a market for it in their area or with their clientele. I’ve had places say no but that it’s on their radar and also, just plain old no which is fair enough.

It’s when I get ‘ No, but we have a great range of craft ciders’  that it really bother me. Sure you may as well have just offered me a rum & coke!

Cider does not equal beer – please take note purveyors of alcoholic beverages.