I went for a lovely dinner with my family at Bodega restaurant and wine bar in Waterford City over the weekend. I have eaten there a couple of times before and find it really consistent, well priced and fantastic for coeliacs. Bodega have won many awards of the years and are current Bridgestone award winners as well as being listed in the McKenna guide. It has a nice relaxed atmosphere and the menu is well priced, make sure you get a booking in advance, especially at the weekend. Some other things to note are a great craft beer selection, affordable wine list and friendly staff. I swear I don’t work for them!

On to the coeliac side of things. Bodega have coeliac friendly items noted on the menu (and by the way there are lots of options) and the staff seem really knowledgeable about the condition.  On ordering our meals, I mentioned, as you would, to the waiter that I was ordering coeliac friendly items as I was a coeliac, not just for the pure laugh. A few minutes later an unprompted toasted gluten free roll arrived for me which was YUMM.

I had the Scallops to start, followed by steak and homemade chips with gluten free pepper sauce. Yes, you SHOULD be drooling. This was followed by gorgeous creamy creme brulee. Overall, Bodega is a great place for coeliacs to go out to eat, you genuinely feel like a ‘normal’ eater and I have never felt dubious about cross contamination or lack of knowledge about the disease.