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Gluten free London

I recently visited London for a few days and tried a few new places for gluten free grub as well as some old favorites. The

April 20, 2018 Eating Out, Locations, London

Gluten Free Berlin

I recently visited Berlin for a quick city break and wanted to share my experience for any of you gluten free peeps hoping to get

October 07, 2017 Berlin, Eating Out, Locations
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Gluten Free Lunch in Dublin City

I blogged about this a number of years ago and still get many emails, particularly from tourists, thanking me for making their trip to Dublin

January 19, 2017 Dublin, Eating Out, Locations
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Lidl Gluten Free white bread mix – a winner!

I bought and tried this mix recently. The result is a lovely soft fresh bread with a great crunchy crust. The package comes with a

January 03, 2017 Eating Out
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Best ever gluten free scone recipe – no word of a lie

I came across this recipe in Phil Vickery’s Seriously Good Gluten Free cook book and have used many times for ourselves or for when guests are

August 02, 2016 Eating Out
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New gluten free range from O’Hehirs Bakery

O’Hehirs Bakery originated in Sligo over 30 years ago and now has 14 Bakery cafes located down the Western Seaboard and across the Midlands. They

July 11, 2016 Eating Out
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Guest Post – Gluten Free takeaways in Dublin

In the words of the wonderful and slightly overrated Adele, hello from the other side (of my computer). It has been a while…. life has

December 23, 2015 Dublin, Eating Out, Ireland
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I asked for a beer – don’t offer me cider!

It’s not often I take to my blog for a rant ,which is remarkably restrained for me let me tell you!  However, I’ve had one

January 31, 2015 Coeliac awareness, Eating Out
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