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DIY – Gluten Free Satay sauce

This is an easy recipe and the chili is optional! This amount serves 2-4. Ingredients: 3 generous tbsp Peanut Butter (I used Aldi’s own brand)

January 28, 2017 Dinner, Food, Recipes
cottagepie 0

Easy & Comforting Cottage Pie

I don’t think you can beat a cottage pie.  This is a tried & tested recipe I use on a regular basis with some gluten

June 07, 2015 Dinner, Food
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Gluten free herb & onion stuffing

So here is an easy recipe passed on to me by my mum. Growing up I would get her to make loads extra so I

December 08, 2014 Dinner, Food
Gluten free jerk chicken 0

Jerk Chicken w/ homemade wedges and corn on the cob

Mos has become a fierce Gordon Ramsay fan in recent months and my kind mammy bought him a giant cookbook of his for Christmas, Gordon

March 25, 2014 Dinner, Recipes
Gluten free Mexican bowl with Gluten Free beer 1

How to prepare a gluten free mexican feast

I love Mexican food. I was first introduced like most Irish people via an Old el Paso Fajita dinner kit. During my college years I

January 02, 2014 Dinner, Food, Recipes
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