I love crisps.

When I was diagnosed I emailed Tayto to moan at them about the fact I could no longer indulge in my national crisp. The response was not favourable.

My crisp limitation has genuinely been one of the hardest things for me to live with on a day to day basis (Yes. I know it sounds like I am living with an actual chronic problem here but bear with me). I used to eat a pack of Tayto cheese & onion for breakfast back in my secondary school days. Don’t blame my parents, they did not agree with this.

Anyway, man was I raging with the news that I could no longer numb my mouth with the beautiful balance of synthetic flavouring in Banshee Bones or the distinct not quite onion but something awesome flavour of Jonnie Onion rings. RAGIN.

Joking aside, it continues to be a pain but there is hope in the form of the hand cooked crisp.

Thankfully, there are a quite a few of these on the market and in a variety of shops so my crisp fix is generally sated without too much hassle.

My recommendations:

Burts Crisps – Available in Tesco, Dunnes, Superquinn and I’ve seen them in a few random Spars. Don’t think I’ve seen them in Supervalu. Variety of flavours, sometimes even have the small packs but hey, why buy a small bag when you could buy a big one?!

Tesco Finest Crisps – Essentially are burts crisps but cheaper, you will find the in the Coeliac FoodList 2012 issued by the Coeliac society confirming the flavours we can eat but all the flavours I’ve seen in store are grand. The sweet chilli ones are NOM

Keoghs Crisps – Only two flavours GF, they say suitable for coeliacs on the packet. I have only tried the Salt and Vinegar ones and they are yum. Also, they’re Irish which is nice.


There are obviously more brands than this but these are the most main stream for the everyday shopper. If you get into luxury foodhalls and random shops around the country you might find more and if so, email me!