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Thai-riffic – okay, that was lame

So, Dublin has a rake of thai restaurants and man do I eat in all of them most of the time!! I go out to

October 23, 2012 Dublin, Eating Out, Food
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Crackas for crackers

Ah lads, I really miss crackers. Along with my crisp habit in my pre coeliac days, another breakfast fav of mine was 6 crackers and

October 17, 2012 Food
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Discovery Gluten Free Crispy Crumb coating

I fully disclose at the outset that the feast above was prepared by my mum on Sunday at an hours notice (Two words, ledge bag),

October 16, 2012 Food, Shops
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Bodega, Waterford City

I went for a lovely dinner with my family at Bodega restaurant and wine bar in Waterford City over the weekend. I have eaten there a couple

October 15, 2012 Eating Out, Food, Waterford
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O’Briens Sandwiches go gluten free

You may or may not have noticed O’Briens have recently rolled out a partnership with Bfree bread. I sampled a BFree sandwich from Rachel Allen’s signature

October 09, 2012 Eating Out, Food
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C is for cookie

I picked up a pack of gluten free Gookies cookie dough in the chilled section in Dunnes last week and look at the results. Let me tell

October 05, 2012 Food