I think one of the worst situations a coeliac can find themselves is walking past a chipper and getting that lovely smell of vinegar and fresh chips knowing full well they can’t have them. However, if you know where to go, you can still enjoy a sneaky takeaway, it just requires a bit of research. There are loads of options but these are my tried and tested favourites in Dublin.

 Gluten free chipper

Beshoff Bros on Mespil road do gluten free fish, chips, battered sausages and much more on Saturdays and Sundays between 12 and 8 although they currently have a banner on their website which confirms they are now doing GF daily. I’ve never been glutened and love this as a treat now and then. It’s very handy to pop in if you’re going to a gig in the RDS especially. I have been known to go for a 40K cycle out to Howth and back with my only motivation being a bag of chips on the way home. Okay, the ole fitness aswell.

Pic above is from Bunsen on Wexford Street. Not a chipper, or a takeaway but doesn’t it look amazing? GF bun for the win! These guys will definitely be on my listing of quick eats in Dublin also, which is in progress.

Gluten free Indian

 Bombay Pantry is absolutely gorgeous. They are Bridgestone award winners and it’s easy to see why. Their menu is a bit unique in that they mark the items that aren’t gluten free as opposed to the items that are. They do a great value meal for two and have branches all over the city.

Ananda in Dundrum is uh-maz-ing but they don’t do takeaway. I just couldn’t help mentioning.

 Gluten free Thai

There are so many options for Thai although they do tend to have the same menu(at least as far as gluten free options are concerned) in all of them.

My favourite at the moment is probably Neon on Camden Street which delivers around the inner city or you can eat in. €15ish for a bottle of house wine when eating in, amazing! Their curries are GF and the red curry with prawn here rocks my world. Other great options are Diep at home, Kanum Thai and Camille  all of which have multiple city locations and clear GF options marked on their menus.

 Gluten free pizza

If I was writing this post two years ago there would be very little to say, thankfully though the options for both take away and frozen pizza have increased dramatically since then. For take out options, the easiest is Dominos, who launched their GF pizza based late last year. It’s not the best but it’s very handy and the most readily available. You can also order a GF pizza to take away from Bits and Pizzas in Dun Laoghaire depending on where you live. Same can be said of Credo which is in the city centre but delivers to some areas.  Milano do take away options and have locations throughout the city. I can’t fail to mention Manifesto in Rathmines which does the best GF pizza in Dublin but doesn’t offer takeaway unfortunately.

Takeaway from frozen

It’s handy to have a few things in the freezer for a lazy evening or the odd time you come home from the pub and need something greasy and satisfying!

Pizza: There are two main brands, DS Bonta d’italia or Marco’s Pizza (which is Irish owned and made). Dunnes and Supervalu are good stockists of both and I’ve seen the odd Tesco with the DS range.

Savoury Treats: DS do a range including Quiche, Sausage rolls and pies.

Breaded Chicken and Fish: I’m all about the nuggets, as I have previously written about. M&S do chicken chunks which you can freeze and they also have breaded chicken/cod fillets. Very handy with a few oven or real chips at home. There are a few brands of GF fish finger if that’s your thing also. Get up to Sainsburys in the North if you fancy a Chicken kiev or better value for your nuggets.

Chips: You can get a full listing from the Coeliac Society in the foodlist but Green Isle and McCain label their GF oven chips very clearly – supermarket own brands are listed in the food list.

Indian: Bombay Pantry do ready meals and sauces which are pretty much as yummy as their takeaway counterparts.

There are quite a few other ready meals which are gluten free and you will find in the chill cabinet in the supermarket. None that I would recommend though and I’m not a lover of them in general, I’d much prefer to buy a sauce or whatever and cook the meat and veg fresh.

It’s not as easy to have a takeaway as a coeliac but with a bit of planning and research you can stuff your face on a Saturday night with a bottle of wine just like everyone else!