One of the hardest foods to change when I was diagnosed as a coeliac was sausages, I have quite the habit. I say habit because I used to eat a full pack of 8 in one sitting and they were almost always lovely country style saussies from the sunny south east where I hail from. I’m not sure what it says about my parents but I have some rake of memories of stuffing my face with sausages (insert rude joke here). Myself and my brother even used to dip them in our tea, is this interesting? I think so. Gross? Probably.

The two main brands available in Ireland for coeliac sausage lovers are Hodgins Gluten Free Sausages and Clonakilty Gluten Free Sausages. While both are nice, I prefer Clonakilty as they are greasier and more tasty. Hodgins are grand, don’t get me wrong, I just have a preference y’all!

Now and again, I come across some artisan brand usually in an alternative supermarket and such was the case last week when I stumbled across these Rosscarbery GF Sausages in Morton’s of Ranelagh.

Put to the test, I think these are a nice happy medium between Clonakilty and Hodgins. They are less greasy than Clonakilty but have more of a bite and tastiness about them than Hodgins. They are also the most normal sized GF sausage I have come across (seriously, insert rude joke here) that doesn’t shrink on cooking so I would recommend them for BBQ perhaps.

Price wise, these babies set me back somewhere between €2 and €3, I’m not always that good with the details. I wouldn’t buy them every week but I would definitely buy again. The Clon’s will be in the freezer though for when I need some hangover grease!