Apparently, there’s nothing quite like a Mcdonalds. Well for coeliacs in the UK and Ireland, the best you’re gonna get out of the supermarket are these babies.

Sainsburys is like Disneyland for coeliacs. The night before we’re going it’s like christmas eve. I get palpitations going through the aisles, searching for that elusive Free From sign.

I am NOT dramtising for effect my friends. Their free from range is amazing. When I was first diagnosed, I read about this and duly headed up to Newry for a look. I promptly spent about €200 and came home with about 60 chicken nuggets, chicken kievs, genius bread(which wasn’t available here at the time) and lots of fancy cereals, scones, muffins and the like.

Okay, there was some wine in there too.

I hadn’t been up for a while but went for a spin up nordy last week in search of value outdoor gear in the Banbridge outlets, which by the way, I totally got.I came home yet again with 60 chicken nuggets, as they are my weakness but also some new cereals. Well, you can get the Mesa Sunrise in some health shops (and tis awesome, lived on it after purchasing in Whole Foods while in the US, don’t get me started on Whole foods) but I’d never had the gluten free O’s before. Also, they are a little cheaper than here but not much.

I’m not gonna lie, I go mainly for the nuggets these days.