I fully disclose at the outset that the feast above was prepared by my mum on Sunday at an hours notice (Two words, ledge bag), the only thing I did was devour it and take a little photo.  Myself and Mos were feeling a bit bloated from the Bodega goodness from the night before so requested a nice healthy salad for lunch. If you knew my mother you wouldn’t be surprised that what she produced was absolutely delicious but also not exactly healthy.

Aside from the freshly fried bacon bits and home made egg mayo, mum also coated chicken strips in Discovery Crispy Crumb, found in Superquinn. You should hopefully be able to see the big green gluten free labeling  I can’t say as I didn’t witness it but apparently the cooking was as easy as coat the meat in oil and whack the crumb over it, then oven bake. The crumb is labelled as being for fajitas so by association, with spice but whatever spice is in there is very subtle as well as being extremely tasty. I checked Tesco yesterday and Superquinn in Ranelagh (can you sense my desperation?) and no sign of the coating yet but I will let you know as soon as I have a sighting!