Domino’s Pizza introduced a Gluten Free range to the UK and Ireland market late last year. I tried for the first time just before my holidays in January (hence the lack of posting) and had another this weekend. 

What’s the story with them you ask? Well…

  • All stores have had training and guidelines implemented so check your local Domino’s for information
  • Only small size available (9.5 inch)
  • Website lists the toppings that contain gluten which makes it easy to order
  • Domino’s have a clear disclaimer regarding cross contamination, which may occur as it could in any kitchen but they are trained to avoid this where possible.

Both my orders went smoothly and personally, I have no issue with the size, a small is enough for me. Taste was just as I remembered from my glutenous days and the base was tasty, crispy and not too doughy. The second pizza I got also came with a reassuring GF sticker on it which I think is nice – given how wary coeliacs are about getting the wrong order.

The only problem I have is that because the only option available is a small, you can’t immediately avail of any handy meal deals . For example, they do a deal of 2 small pizzas for €15.99 but unfortunately, my husband is a glutton and laughs in the face of a small pizza.

On the last order, we priced a medium pizza and a small GF pizza separately which cost €30.

Obviously not satisfied with this, we called our local Domino’s and queried if we could get the Medium Pizza meal deal (2 mediums for €19.99) but swap one medium for a small GF. After 5 minutes on the phone trying to explain , we finally got the deal but I wouldn’t have been willing to pay €30 for the two pizzas if we had not.

Perhaps Dominos could make allowances for people on a gluten free diet and include this as an option for customers. It’s not that I wouldn’t order again but giving the explanation and haggling on the phone every time isn’t appealing. There isn’t functionality on the website to accommodate this type of order either.

Overall, a big thumbs up for Domino’s. I think this will be a really special treat for Irish coeliacs who live in areas where they haven’t had access to gluten free pizza in the past. It’s already on the menu for any future hangovers I have, yum!