Afternoon tea is a lovely indulgence. I’ve had a few in recent years and unfortunately didn’t have particularly good experiences with the coeliac versions. To be fair, even just having the option at all is often a treat though. I’m delighted to say that my recent experience in the Merrion was absolutely fantastic.

A group of friends from work booked in for the festive afternoon tea well in advance, it books up early and quickly.  The organiser, a certain lady known as HOB,   is somewhat of a Merrion enthusiast and attended afternoon tea the week before as well, she just can’t get enough!

The Merrion has an excellent reputation for its customer service and we really saw this during the afternoon we spent there. HOB had kindly highlighted my GF requirement at the booking stage and on calling to confirm that week, was told the chef was very excited to have a coeliac diner. Usually I imagine the kitchen staff cursing me as I know it’s much more hassle to cater for dietary requirements so this was a nice surprise.


As well as myself, we also had a pregnant diner and on arriving  the options for both of us were clearly explained. When the food arrived, I received my own  trays of specially prepared gluten free sandwiches, flavoured tea breads, scones and mini desserts. I didn’t feel at all like I was missing out and I think the chef really pulled out all the stops. My GF afternoon tea is pictured below.

There were also two birthdays in our group and the staff made sure there was a happy birthday message on the desserts for both.Tea is unlimited and there is a wide variety to choose from. Being a fan of spice, I had quite a few cups of the chilli chai tea which had a real kick. Staff were on hand for the entire afternoon to refresh or change your tea and make sure we had everything we needed.

I went for the option of having with a glass of Champagne as well which was delicious. Price with champagne was €52, €39 without. It is expensive but the service and food is top quality, you know what you’re going to get. I’ve had cheaper versions and although nice, the experience here was much better.

Highly recommended for a special treat.