I’ve spotted Matt’s dream pizza in Mortons of Ranelagh and some Supervalu stores around Dublin in the last 6 months and friends, they are SO GOOD.  They’re freshly made and in the refrigerated section which is a nice change from frozen pizza.

You can buy the pizzas ready made or just the bases. I like being able to make up my own from the plain base. Okay, I lie, I like how MOS makes up my own on the plain base. Poor guy, he promised me when I was diagnosed that he would perfect the perfect GF pizza base and despite many attempts, it just hasn’t happened yet.

These fellas will definitely fill a gap in the meantime!

The bases are great value at 2 for €3.99. They are really thick, crusty and delicious. Mos enjoys them aswell and will happily eat one of these over a normal wheat base. The ready made one are priced around €6.

It’s so handy to have a few bases in the fridge and they are perfect instead of a takeaway at the weekend. The pizza pictured above was lovingly made by my husband  and was topped with cheese, tomatoes, pesto, salami, peppers, mushrooms and rocket, in case you want to recreate your own!