I contacted Just Eat.ie on twitter recently as I wanted to see if they would think about adding a gluten free or coeliac search option for foodies like myself. They responded very positively and let me know that they have been looking into this. In the meantime, they confirmed there are plenty of affiliated restaurants on the website which advertise coeliac options, something I had not been aware of.

I put this to the test for a Friday night takeaway last week and had a great experience. Registering with Just Eat.ie is easy and once you’ve logged in, you simply need to input your location, the type of food you’re looking for and bob is your mother flippin uncle. In my area, there were a couple of known options as well as some Indians which usually, if you ring ahead, can talk you through the gluten free options available. They use gram flour rather than wheat flour in the majority of their cooking so are always a good bet.

I’m a bit of a Thai addict so decided to go for some Diep at home. If you haven’t had Diep before, you need to rectify this pronto! Diep started as a restaurant in the city centre and have branched out into takeaways in recent years with 7 branches across Dublin city.

Looking through the menu, there are helpful indications under each dish, confirming how spicy it is, if it’s a low calorie option and most importantly for me, if it’s coeliac friendly. I’ve been trying to experiment outside of my favourite Thai dish, prawn red curry, so I plumped for the Beef Rendang with coconut rice (no extra charge for this).

My husband, Mos, was also feeling like mixing it up and chose Yalan Gai, a new yellow curry dish to Diep’s menu. As a side, we chose the Larb Ped, which is a spicy duck salad. Bill came to €33 including delivery. You can specify your delivery time when ordering but we just went for ASAP. Sure enough, an hour later (it was a Friday night after all), we were sitting down to get our grub on.

Both mains arrived piping hot and didn’t disappoint. For me, the succulent beef and a spicy yet coconuty sauce went down very well and the coconut rice was lovely for a change. Mos didn’t find it too spicy and it completely hit the spot.

The one negative for us was the Larb Ped which was tasty but just too spicy for us and we have a high spice threshold. I’d recommend this if you ever have a friend who is bigging up their ability to handle spice, get them to try this and see how they get on!

We had a great experience ordering with just eat.ie and as someone with a dietary requirement, one that I really wouldn’t have thought I could have. Remember, all the affliated takeways are just a phonecall away if you need to check anything and the team at Just eat assure me that continuous improvement is high on their agenda around both healthy eating and dietary options for their customers.

*Just-eat.ie asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing their website from a coeliac’s point of view and gave me a voucher towards this meal –  See  the review on their website here*