It’s no secret that I love making a nice dessert and I decided to go for an old favourite recently – Strawberry Cheesecake. It was something I used to have at home so for the nostalgia factor I gave my mum a buzz to get the old family recipe.

Turns out our family recipe, like many others is from the lovely people at Philadelphia Cream Cheese! See the recipe here, it couldn’t be easier.


What you need

1 Strawberry Jelly (Make sure the brand is GF, I used Aldi’s own brand)

100g GF digestive biscuits (I used a pack of Aldi ‘ Has no’ ones)

50g Butter

150ml Cream

Strawberries and cream to serve

280g or 1.5 packs of Philadelphia cream cheese


This is how we do it

1.        Smash up the digestive biscuits so they are a fine crumb. I find a ziplock bag and a rolling pin work well here

2.       Heat the butter and add the digestive biscuits once melted. Mix well

3.       Line a 20cm springform tin tightly with the digestive mix and leave in the fridge to cool

4.       Add 200ml boiling water to the jelly and stir well. Allow to dissolve.

5.       While the jelly begins to set, whip the cream until it holds a form – be careful not to overwhip

6.       Once the jelly is at setting point and is cooled down somewhat, mix in the philly cream cheese and combine

7.       Next, fold in the cream lightly and some sliced strawberries if you like

8.       Pour the mixture over the digestive base evenly

9.       Chill for at least 4 hours before serving – the longer the better

10.     Serve with some whipped cream and more strawberries – TA DAH!



This is also really good as a lemon or lime cheesecake.