Did you notice I love eating out??

I’ve gotten some really lovely feedback on my post about finding a gluten free lunch in Dublin so thought I better turn my attention to dinner.

We’re so lucky here in the big schmoke to have plenty of places with knowledge of and ability to offer coeliac friendly dishes.

Here are my favourite venues to get a decent feed without added gluten – happy dining!


There are plenty of thai restuarants in Dublin and they are generally a great standard. Saba is just the bees knees though. Unlike lots of other places, it gives coeliacs more options than just curry. The Hake in banana leaf is delicious.


Also known as Pizza Express in the UK. They frequently have brilliant offers and offer GF pizza bases, starters and desserts. They also stock gluten free beer. What’s not to like?

The Port House

Spanish Tapas and Wine bar. GF options are noted on the menu, however, staff knowledge can be a little dicey so double check things with your server. I’ve never felt ill after eating here and have been many times.


Best steaks in Dublin, gluten free knowledge superb – loads of options including sauces. Are also surprisingly good for veggies despite being known as a steakhouse.

Whitefriar grill

Located just across the road from Darwins, Whitefriar Grill is one my absolute favourites, especially for brunch. The huevos rancheros are unbelieveable. They don’t list GF options on the menu but they know their stuff and I’ve never had a problem.


Odessa is really consistent and do some great specials. The gluten free options aren’t extensive but everything I’ve ever had there has been good.

Ananda (Dundrum)

Ananda is a fine dining Indian restaurant. It has coeliac friendly options noted on the menu and is a real treat to visit. The lunch and early bird menus are the best value.

Brasserie 66

Seriously good value early bird here which not only has gluten free options but they include a cocktail for dessert if you’re too full for something sweeter. Amazing!


A mexican place so hip it hurts. They do a brilliant value menu on Sunday’s. Gluten free isn’t noted on the menu (despite my many twitter requests!) but they are able to tell you what’s what.